Winter Deaths At Highest Level In 40 Years

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The Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) has recently released the data for Excess Winter Deaths (EWD) in England and Wales. This revealed that England and Wales in 2017-18 experienced more EWDs than any year since the winter of 1975. Winter deaths totalled to 50,100 for 2017/18. Experts conclude that plummeting temperatures and a strain of flu are most likely to blame for the increase.

Around 18.2% of the UK population were aged over 65 years in 2017, a 2% increase since 2007 and estimates show it will grow to 20% over the next decade. Due to people living longer and the advancement of care, this figure will only continue to grow, leaving older people vulnerable to illness when the winter months arrive. These figures show seasonal mortality favours towards winter and when these months approach, it is vital that all planning is in place for yourself and older loved ones.

Sarah Coates, Centre for Ageing and Demography, Office for National Statistics, said: “The UK population has doubled over the last 140 years, reaching a new high of 66 million in 2017. We project there to be almost 73 million people in the UK by 2041. This growth is due to there being more births than deaths and more people moving to the UK than leaving. As well as growing, the population is also ageing. From looking at past patterns, we project that more than a quarter of UK residents will be aged 65 years or over within the next 50 years.”

Our MD, Paul Dodsworth TEP commented: “People do not like to face their own mortality, but completing preparations for your future and ensuring you pass on your assets to your loved ones will put your mind at ease. Unfortunately, these numbers will only increase in the future, so the best we can do is to prepare.”