Lifetime Trusts

Poor planning of your estate, assets and wealth means those you love most can be unintentionally disinherited in several ways.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this challenge, which is simple and flexible. It’s called a Lifetime Trust.

What is a Lifetime Trust?

Trusts aren’t new; they’ve been used to protect people’s wealth for more than 700 years. A Trust is a vital estate planning tool for anyone wanting to protect their wealth and assets.  They offer peace of mind that a person’s wishes can be carried out quickly and in full.

A Lifetime Trust can help you:
  • Remove Probate fees and delays, minimising stress
  • Avoid sideways disinheritance, maximising bloodline inheritance in the long-term
  • Gain access to your hard-earned wealth at all times, retaining control of your assets
  • Ensure your wishes are fully observed
  • Deliver the maximum amount of inheritance to the people you love, quickly and simply
  • Remain in control of any future care fees
Your wishes, observed to the letter

If you have very specific wishes when it comes to how your wealth and assets will be distributed after you pass away, a Trust will prove very useful. For example, you can:

  • Pass on assets to children or grandchildren, but hold back their inheritance until they reach a certain age, or to them only under specific conditions
  • Ring fence family assets against problems following death, divorce or remarriage
  • Distribute your assets much more quickly, and in a way that saves thousands of pounds that may otherwise be lost in Probate fees

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