The Strangest Bequests in Wills

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Everybody leaves something behind for their loved ones when they pass away, even if it is a strange or bizarre bequest. The death of prominent fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, has led to another potentially strange inheritance as he is reportedly leaving a portion of his fortune to his beloved cat, Choupette. In his native Germany, gifts can be left for pets which means she could become one of the richest animals on the planet!
Similar stories have been recorded. Below, we have touched upon some of the strangest decisions gifts and requests people have made when writing their Will.
Firstly in 2004, billionaire Leona Helmsley left instructions for her £2.5 million fortune to be spent caring for dogs. Her nine-year-old dog, Maltese, also received a cut of £8 million in her Will, receiving more than her grandchildren.
In the past, gifts have not stopped at providing for their pets. In some cases, people have provided for complete strangers. Portuguese aristocrat Luis Camara wrote up his Will with the indication to leave his wealth to 70 strangers from a Lisbon phone directory. With no partner or children, his wealth was divided up amongst the strangers, with each receiving around 8,000 euros.
World famous magician, Harry Houdini, passed away in 1926. Within his Will there was a strange bequest to his wife, requesting her to hold annual seances on the date of his death to commune with him from the afterlife. He left a secret note containing ten words which he would use to contact her during the seance. Unfortunately, he never did.

Most people want their loved ones to inherit

Whilst you can leave your hard earned wealth to animals or complete strangers, most people want to benefit their family/loved ones. This only happens if you have a valid up-to-date will. However, on its own, a Will cannot protect your wealth. It can only distribute what you have once you have passed away and there are many risks to your wealth during your lifetime. Whether it’s future relationships, the taxman, care home fees or probate costs there are lots of people who are eyeing up your assets.
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