Pre-paid Probate

Pre-paid Probate plans

One way to avoid the stress of Probate is to organise and pay for the process to take place, in advance of you passing away.

In the summer of 2021, we will be introducing a pre-paid Probate planning option that will enable you to:

  • Choose the level of Probate likely to be required for your estate
  • Allocate an approved professional to deliver the service when needed
  • Pay the full cost of your Probate plan in full, over a period of time

Our pre-paid Probate plans are designed to offer you and your loved ones additional peace of mind, and ensure their life is made that little bit easier when you pass away.

Lifetime Trusts and Probate

Alternatively, you could consider setting up a Lifetime Trust to shelter your assets during your lifetime. Any assets in a trust when you pass away will avoid having to go through the Probate process, while a Lifetime Trust also offers lots of additional benefits in terms of maximising and protecting inheritances for your family and loved ones.

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