Funeral planning

Though many of us don’t like to think ahead to a time we will no longer be with our family, friends and loved ones, planning for your funeral helps make the event more unique, personal and comforting to the people who attend it.

Preparing for a funeral that you hope will be many years down the line can be a challenging and poignant journey, so when you take the steps to arrange yours, we’ll listen with a caring ear to ensure all your wishes are included in a formal plan. Additionally, we’ll ensure that it contains the necessary arrangements to offer the emotional and financial relief your family will need when the time comes, making it as pain free as possible.

The benefits of funeral planning

Funeral planning may not be the most pleasant task, but it is enormously beneficial for those left behind when you pass away. It can:

  • Prevent family disputes over speculation about what you would have wanted
  • Allow you to pay for the service in advance, meaning your loved ones don’t have to foot the bill
  • Ensure that your specific wishes are carried out
Funeral advice tailored to you

Even if we don’t admit it to those close to us, many of us have thought about our funeral already and have an idea of how we would like it to go when we pass away. Not communicating these wishes to our loved ones leaves them to make very important and emotional decisions, at a time when they’re struggling with grief.

At Estate Planning Solutions, we’ll create a customised funeral plan to fit your needs and wishes, to ensure those close to you can provide the send-off you would have wanted, without any added pressure.

We’re on hand to support with funeral planning.

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