Renounce Executorship

What happens if you do not want to take up the role of executor? It is sometimes the case that the person named in a Will as the deceased’s executor is unable or unwilling to take on the role. The task of executor can be complex and time-consuming. It involves identifying and valuing all of the deceased’s estate, calculating and…

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Intestacy Explained

When someone dies without leaving a Will, they are said to have died intestate. There are strict rules governing who will inherit their estate, known as the Rules of Intestacy. Dealing with the estate of someone who has not left a Will can be more complex and time-consuming than normal. There can also be an increased risk of disputes arising.…

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The role of the probate registry

When someone dies, you may need to contact the Probate Registry. We take a look at the office and the role it plays in estate administration. The Probate Registry is part of HM Courts and Tribunal Service. It issues legal authority to those dealing with the winding-up of an estate after a death. If the deceased left a Will, then…

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Will vs Trust

Wills and Trusts can be very useful in estate planning and providing for your loved ones. A Will sets out who you want to benefit from your estate after your death. There are different types of Trust that can be set up, with some taking effect after death, but some that can be created during your lifetime. There are often…

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Digital assets when making a Will

Most people do not include their digital assets when they make a Will, meaning that anything of value will end up being included in the residue of the estate. There is also a risk that some assets will simply be lost if they are not listed or if there is no way for them to be accessed. With the increase…

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A spotlight on: grant of probate

Applying for probate is not always necessary when the deceased is survived by their spouse/partner/civil partner. After someone dies, a grant of probate is often needed. This is the legal document that gives their executor the right to wind up their estate in accordance with their Will. If the deceased did not leave a Will, then the alternative is a…

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The legacy of unmarried couples who don’t write Wills

The number of cohabiting couples in the UK is growing rapidly, having doubled over the last 20 years to circa 3.4million, however, they are leaving behind them a trail of legal challenges – especially when it comes to financial matters after death. When faced with the heart-breaking situation of a partner dying without having left a Will, many people are…

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