Over Half of UK Parents Have No Will, Study Shows

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More than half of parents in the UK with children under 18 have not made a valid Will, a survey from Will Aid has revealed.

The study found that 56% of parents have not prepared for their future by preparing a Will. This figure is up a further 2% from last year. Throughout the North West, 64% have no Will and a staggering 74% in the North East are not prepared either. Other areas include 63% in the South West, 60% in Wales and 79% in Northern Ireland.

Our managing director, Paul Dodsworth, commented “It is vital for parents to leave clear instructions about who will care for their children in the event of death, which is why a valid Will is such an important step. If these instructions are unclear, an application to the court will need to be made to make the decision on who your child will live with. Using a trusted Will writer is the best way to ensure that your wishes are executed properly”.

Political Editor of the ITV news, Robert Peston, who had two sons with his late wife Siân Busby reiterated how important a Will is to helping to clarify a persons wishes after their death.

“Although the act of writing a Will can be upsetting, the pain and disruption for your family if you have not written one is likely to be far worse,” he said.

“When my late wife Siân Busby and I wrote our Wills in our early 40s, we assumed this was boring insurance for an event that would never happen.  Only 10 years later, Siân died after a horrible illness, and it fell to me to sort out her affairs. Devastated by grief, not really thinking straight, I was so grateful that she had written down what she wanted to do with her money and possessions, and had given clear instructions about what should be done with her ashes.”

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