A Difficult Decision – Over 5 Million Anxious To Write Wills

Recent reports from Royal London have discovered over 5 million people in the UK do not know where to begin or what to consider when writing a Will. Financial issues cause this, along with confusion by the process and the struggle to come to terms with mortality and plan for this event. As a [...]

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Over Half of UK Parents Have No Will, Study Shows

More than half of parents in the UK with children under 18 have not made a valid Will, a survey from Will Aid has revealed. The study found that 56% of parents have not prepared for their future by preparing a Will. This figure is up a further 2% from last year. Throughout the North [...]

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Mac Miller’s Tragic Death Highlights Importance Of A Will

Mac Miller, the American Rapper who died of a suspected drug overdose on September 7th, has left his fortune to his family according to his Will. The Will named parents, Karen Meyer and Mark McCormack, along with his brother, Miller McCormack, as the main beneficiaries to his estate. They will inherit all assets, including his [...]

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DIY Wills Are Causing Family Disputes

A recent report, carried out by Which?Legal, has found that DIY Wills are damaging to families. At a time when people making Wills is at a particular low point, the research has found that more people than ever are making DIY Wills. Astonishingly, 40% of the respondents, that had made a Will, confessed to using [...]

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Beware Free Wills; Up To 1.5 Million Wills Needs Updating Urgently

When something is free it is usually because it’s not very good quality or because there is a hidden cost; whilst that might be a sweeping generalisation it is nonetheless especially true for Wills!  There is no need to panic, as it is very easy to correct if you have a free or cheap Will [...]

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How To Review Your Will: Key Factors To Consider

Making a Will is one of the most important things you can ever do as it distributes the wealth you have built up over many years. Our MD Paul Dodsworth says “I always say to clients that you can only make a Will based upon your circumstances today, your wishes today and the law as it [...]

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Is Your Family’s Inheritance Safe?

Recent news has indicated a huge increase in the amount of inheritance being passed on to younger generations. It is estimated that £1 trillion is set to be passed on through inheritance in the next decade. Our MD Paul Dodsworth, TEP commented “That’s all great but without fairly straightforward planning inheritances can be lost [...]

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