Completed Business Transfer of East Cheshire Wills

We are pleased to announce the completion of East Cheshire Wills' business transfer to Estate Planning Solutions, in effect from February 1st 2019. From February 1st, Estate Planning Solutions have taken control of the service delivery to existing clients of East Cheshire Wills (ECW) and will be offering ongoing support following the [...]

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Winter Deaths At Highest Level In 40 Years

The Office for National Statistics' (ONS) has recently released the data for Excess Winter Deaths (EWD) in England and Wales. This revealed that England and Wales in 2017-18 experienced more EWDs than any year since the winter of 1975. Winter deaths totalled to 50,100 for 2017/18. Experts conclude that plummeting temperatures and a strain [...]

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Looming UK Incapacity Crisis – Are You Prepared?

A recent report warns that the UK is facing an incapacity crisis; with the nation unprepared for the end of life. According to Solicitors for the Elderly and the Centre for Future Studies, millions of Britons are leaving vital decisions about their care in the hands of strangers. The study highlights that a growing number [...]

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Dementia Tax; Good News But Only If You Plan Ahead

Earlier this year the Daily Telegraph ran a headline about a 20% increase in the diagnosis of dementia following the introduction, in September 2014, of a £55 payment to GPs for diagnosing someone with dementia. It did not matter whether the patient had dementia or not, the payment was still made to the GPs. Leading [...]

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