The Strangest Bequests in Wills

Everybody leaves something behind for their loved ones when they pass away, even if it is a strange or bizarre bequest. The death of prominent fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, has led to another potentially strange inheritance as he is reportedly leaving a portion of his fortune to his beloved cat, Choupette. In his native Germany, [...]

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New “Death Tax” Voted In!

So what’s the fuss all about? When someone passes away Probate Registry issues a Grant of probate.  At the moment this costs you only £215 for a personal application. The government’s plan to bring in a sliding scale grant of probate fee moved a step closer this week when the relevant committee voted to [...]

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Completed Business Transfer of East Cheshire Wills

We are pleased to announce the completion of East Cheshire Wills' business transfer to Estate Planning Solutions, in effect from February 1st 2019. From February 1st, Estate Planning Solutions have taken control of the service delivery to existing clients of East Cheshire Wills (ECW) and will be offering ongoing support following the [...]

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Earl’s Daughter Loses Claim On His Estate Due To Crazed Lifestyle

The estranged daughter of an earl has lost her claim at his £1.3 million estate after a judge deemed it her fault that she lives in a council house on benefits. Lady Tara Wellesley had not seen her father, the seventh Earl Cowley, in over 26 years before he passed away aged 81 in [...]

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Avicii’s Parents To Inherit His $25 Million Fortune

It's never too early to make a Will, but it can be too late. The $25 million fortune belonging to EDM producer, Avicii, will pass on to his parents, documents from the Swedish Tax Agency (STA) confirm. The hugely successful DJ passed away in April of last year while in Oman. Documents from the [...]

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Queen Of Soul Allegedly Owes Millions To IRS

In August 2018, the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, passed away from pancreatic cancer aged 76. She had no Will in place even though she possesses an estate worth over $80 million. As a result, a number of different parties have filed notices of interest and recently it has been reported that the [...]

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Santander Fined Millions for Holding Deceased Customers’ Funds

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined high street bank Santander £32.8 million. This stems from an investigation into Santander holding back deceased customers' funds when the Probate process should be complete. The investigation found that £183 million went untransferred, affecting exactly 40,428 deceased customers. The FCA found that a poor Probate process was [...]

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Winter Deaths At Highest Level In 40 Years

The Office for National Statistics' (ONS) has recently released the data for Excess Winter Deaths (EWD) in England and Wales. This revealed that England and Wales in 2017-18 experienced more EWDs than any year since the winter of 1975. Winter deaths totalled to 50,100 for 2017/18. Experts conclude that plummeting temperatures and a strain [...]

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A Difficult Decision – Over 5 Million Anxious To Write Wills

Recent reports from Royal London have discovered over 5 million people in the UK do not know where to begin or what to consider when writing a Will. Financial issues cause this, along with confusion by the process and the struggle to come to terms with mortality and plan for this event. As a [...]

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Probate Fees Set To Rise Dramatically; But You Can Avoid Them

According to a government announcement made on the 5th of November, Probate Fees are set to rise for families from April 2019. These new fees will be used by the government to fund the Courts and Tribunal system and they have argued that through increasing these fees, they will allow a fair and efficient court [...]

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