Your Will – Getting the job done properly

By June 26, 2015Estate Planning, Wills

You may have read our report on the story of a Barclays customer with a £90 Will, whose family had suffered by him not having had the Will completed correctly by the bank.

It highlighted the need for people to use a qualified and independent expert to get their Will arranged.

Anyone who does not have a Will is said to die intestate, where the state will write your will for you. This very rarely matches with your wishes, mainly because it attempts to balance the rights of family members that may have competing interests.

It is not a situation in which you want to leave your family.

Furthermore, if you have children, property or assets of over £5000 in value, then to ensure that your wishes are followed, you need to have a correctly-written, up-to-date Will.

By getting your Will written properly, you can avoid costly legal fees, appoint guardians of your choosing, protect your home, assets and younger beneficiaries within your family.

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